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Update Work Items with Build Number During vNext Builds

In the days of XAML Builds in TFS, the build would rather handily update the work item with the appropriate “Integration Build” value… so you knew which release would include your fix. Happy days. Along came vNext builds in TFS / Visual Studio Online / Visual Studio Team Services, which solved all of the pain […]

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TFS or VSTS Task Board has Missing Cards

TL;DR: This is caused by adding a parent/child relationship between two cards. We are using the new Kanban boards in Visual Studio Team Services (formerly known as Visual Studio Online, but this would also apply to on-prem TFS too). A month ago, another team member noticed a card had disappeared from the board. It seemed […]


7 Bad Practices TFS Can Add to Your Scrum Process

This article explains how using TFS for Agile can result in some really bad behaviours. This is not an attack on TFS; I believe it can be used effectively at all stages of the Agile process and feels more joined up than using one tool to manage a backlog, another to track bugs, yet another […]