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Tabs vs Spaces in Visual Studio Code

This isn’t actually another source of ignition for the endless flame war. Whichever side of the eternal flaming pit of tabs vs spaces you find yourself, Visual Studio Code will live by your decision. By default, it runs on “auto” mode, which means your code is like a box of chocolates… but you can fix […]

Custom Tasks In Visual Studio Code

I was asked how to create a custom task in Visual Studio Code. It comes with a bunch of built-in tasks that you can add to the tasks.json file – but what if you need something else… The example below enables PHPLint (in a not-very-sophisticated way) – but the technique would work for anything you […]

TypeScript With Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a new lightweight cross-platform editor that supports a whole bunch of languages, not least – TypeScript. Working in VSCode is a bit different to working in other editors and IDEs – so here is a Getting Started guide for TypeScript with Visual Studio Code. Once you have downloaded and installed VSCode, […]