TypeSpec Compared To SpecFlow

Updated: It is no longer mandatory to enclose parameters with quotes – which makes things even more similar between C#/SpecFlow and TypeScript/TypeSpec. On with the original article… Updated: TypeScript’s decorator feature makes things even more similar! This isn’t a “framework a” vs “framework b” post. When performing BDD, if you are using C#, you’ll beContinue reading “TypeSpec Compared To SpecFlow”

Getting TAP Output From TypeSpec

If you want to get your TypeSpec test output in TAP (Test Anything Protocol) format, there is a built-in test reporter that will do this for you. Just pass in the TapReporter to the auto runner: import {AutoRunner, TapReporter} from ‘./Scripts/TypeSpec/TypeSpec’; AutoRunner.testReporter = new TapReporter(); You’ll now get TAP compliant output that can easily beContinue reading “Getting TAP Output From TypeSpec”

Introducing TypeSpec

Having completed the MVP roadmap, TypeSpec is now available to use. TypeSpec is a BDD framework for TypeScript designed to work with separate specifications written in the Given-When-Then style. It works in the browser (real or ghost), and on Node. You can grab it from NuGet: PM> Install-Package TypeSpec You can grap it from NPM:Continue reading “Introducing TypeSpec”