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Apply TypeScript Types Honestly

TypeScript is optionally statically typed, which means you can still write dynamically typed expressions within your TypeScript programs. If you drop into a block of dynamic code, and then want to come back out into statically typed code – you’ll need to introduce the types, and are responsible for the correctness of the type you […]

Embracing the TypeScript Strict Mode

TypeScript has had the strict compiler option for a while now. It enables several more stringent checks, including two of my favourites: noImplicitAny and strictNullChecks. My summary of strict mode would be this… “If using TypeScript is better than using plain JavaScript because of the compiler warnings, why wouldn’t you want to turn the compiler […]

Deep TypeScript Destructuring

When you first encounter TypeScript (or JavaScript) destructuring it looks a little bit magic, especially in object destructuring where it looks like you are doing everything in a mirror (the names go on the right!). If you find destructuring a little confusing – strap yourselves in and we’ll rush our way to an example of […]