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Eval is not Evil

We’ve all read JavaScript: The Good Parts, and there is plenty of wisdom in Douglas Crockford’s landmark work. His reminder that eval is evil has echoed through the JavaScript community and saved many people from a total mess. However, as programmers we must remain thinking individuals who question received wisdom. You must resist inappropriate use […]

TypeScript is Five Years Old Today

Five years ago today (1st October 2012), Microsoft publicly announced the TypeScript programming language. I was overjoyed, as I had been looking at Coffescript and Dart, but TypeScript looked different. “…TypeScript reviews appeared positive, with developer Steve Fenton calling it a ‘great new take on the JavaScript problem’, and ‘the first that doesn’t assume that […]

TypeScript vs The World

This is the shortest note possible to warn you about the “TypeScript vs Babel”, “TypeScript vs JavaScript”, “TypeScript vs… pretty much everything in the world” articles out there. There are multiple problems in the articles I am reading in my feeds. Superficial The main problem is that the people comparing TypeScript with all the languages […]