Steve Fenton


You can subscribe to the trello tag micro-feed.

Most of my time is spent in technical-land, where we use tools such as Azure DevOps to manage the flow of work. There is, though, another side to our business and they love Trello. For at least part of my day, I’m looking at colourful lists of stuff that the business are pushing around in […]

Hide Trello columns

If you have seen the average Trello board that has evolved over any length of time, you will have noticed they can suffer a little from column explosion. Fear not. You can use this short script to get rid of the boring columns with a single click. All you need to do is adjust the […]

Trello tricks

Useful terms: Board – the task board List – one lane on a board Card – one task in a lane Label – the coloured tags you can see on a card Subscribe You can subscribe to an entire board, or to individual cards. Just use the “Subscribe” link. You’ll get notifications for anything you […]