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Mind first, language second

I don’t know if other industries experience this, but in software development it appears to be getting increasingly common. Pick a word or phrase, perform an in-depth critique of the word explaining why it shouldn’t be used, and attempt to coin a new phrase (over which you can be the creater and arbiter of all […]

Updated testing pyramid

You can hardly spend five minutes talking about test automation without someone bringing up the testing pyramid.  The testing pyramid was devised by Mike Cohn and it is a good foundation for thinking of test automation. Here is the original version. The pyramid says, do plenty of unit testing, quite a bit less at the […]

Load, stress, spike, and soak testing

This article talks about what I like to call the “Four Ss” of performance testing. They don’t actually all begin with “S” – but if reading, writing, and arithmetic can be described as the “Three Rs”, I’m not going to constrain myself either. Quick aside: it is only really performance testing if you are measuring […]

Test Automation Philosophy

I have written previously about my general automation philosophy. The automation philosophy represents what I believe to be a universal truth of any automation if viewed from a human perspective. This article applies this truth specifically to software testing. It is easy to see that software testing provides a full spectrum of work from routine […]