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Test-driven development and duplication

I have run a good number of test-driven development coding dojos (and behaviour-driven development ones), and participated in plenty of them too. The most common errors I have found can be classified as: Trying to find abstractions too early Drastic code changes under the banner of “refactoring” Both of these problems are solved by practising […]

Real-life Test Data Builder

So having listened to Ian Cooper talking about Test Mothers and Test Data Builders and carefully considering both options (and trying them out without checking in any code) – I decided to go with the Test Data Builder for the project I am currently working on. The difference between the two is that a Test […]

My unit testing epiphany

I promised to write up the details of this after writing the following Tweet while listening to Ian Cooper talk on “TDD: Where did it all go wrong?” at DevSouthCoast in April. “I have had an epiphany at @DevSouthCoast – I’m embarrassed about some TDD techniques I have been using. NO MORE!” So what was […]