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SQL Filestream thoughts

In a previous life, I used FILESTREAM to store images for product listings in a multi-tenant SaaS platform running about 1,000 websites. The sites listed “in stock” items along with a bunch of images showing pictures of the item to show all the features and any wear and tear. At the time we were running […]

5 DbUp tips from Paul Stovell

I tuned into the Octopus Deploy and Clear Measure live stream on safe, automated, and drama-free database deployments and there was a flurry of really useful DbUp tips from Paul Stovell that I wanted to share. Use a sequential naming scheme Use a numbered naming scheme to ensure scripts are sequential on the file system. […]

Find SQL Server job clashes

If you are working on an older application that has a lot of logic inside of the SQL database in jobs, procedures, and functions – you may find that your job schedules cause a repeating wave of SQL compilation peaks. If you suspect jobs may be the cause, you can use a query to find […]