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5 DbUp tips from Paul Stovell

I tuned into the Octopus Deploy and Clear Measure live stream on safe, automated, and drama-free database deployments and there was a flurry of really useful DbUp tips from Paul Stovell that I wanted to share. Use a sequential naming scheme Use a numbered naming scheme to ensure scripts are sequential on the file system. […]

Find SQL Server job clashes

If you are working on an older application that has a lot of logic inside of the SQL database in jobs, procedures, and functions – you may find that your job schedules cause a repeating wave of SQL compilation peaks. If you suspect jobs may be the cause, you can use a query to find […]

Who deleted rows from SQL Server

Want to know who deleted rows from your SQL database? The script below joins up delete transactions with users in order to find out who just deleted something. Because this comes from the transaction log, you’ll only find stuff that is still available in there. This means it will be affected by retention/recovery modes. If […]