SpecFlow Living Documentation VSTS Extension

SpecFlow is the defacto BDD tool for .NET programmers – and if you are using both SpecFlow and Visual Studio Team Services then this article is for you. There is a new VSTS extension called SpecFlow+LivingDoc that provides a simple build task that will generate documentation from your feature files. Here is a quick run-downContinue reading “SpecFlow Living Documentation VSTS Extension”

Useful SpecFlow Regular Expressions

Here are some useful regular expressions that can improve your SpecFlow step definitions. All of the examples are ready to drop-in to a  C# string, so they are pre-escaped for your pleasure (for example, the useful RegEx ([^\”]*) is listed as “”([^\””]*)”” so you can use it in a definition like this: [Given(@”this line acceptsContinue reading “Useful SpecFlow Regular Expressions”

Overloaded Steps In SpecFlow

This can be a pretty common situation in SpecFlow, thanks to the trusty default RegEx that SpecFlow uses: Scenario: Binding Test Given I have defined a step for the second line of this specification, but not the third And this line accepts “a string” in And this line accepts “a string” in and “another string”Continue reading “Overloaded Steps In SpecFlow”