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Acid test for social media

This is likely to be the final part in a series that includes posts on tidying up the web, and the problem with social media conversations, and annoying social media techniques (an article that would have grown into an epic if I were to update it with all the latest tricks)… my main reason for […]

Social media conversations

I have been busy extricating myself from social media over the past few months. I have deleted several accounts and limited others. In all cases, I have ditched the mobile applications. This led me to think, what was I looking for on social media? The answer lies in what I enjoyed when I first joined […]

Tidying up The Web

It is time to tidy up The Web. The Web was created to share information, and this is still the best thing it offers today. There are lots of other benefits, but the lasting masterpiece of The Web will be that anyone with a connection can find and access an abundance of information, knowledge, and […]

5 annoying social media techniques

I am now a proud member of just one social network… which is mostly meeting people in my local coffee chop. These annoying social media techniques were contributing factors when I retired all my social network accounts. Let’s have a look at the anti-social-media methods. Enigma We have all seen this one. Someone wants a […]