Multiple Browser Testing With Selenium SuperDriver

If you have undertaken any amount of testing with Selenium WebDriver you will have come across the desire to run your suite of tests against multiple browsers simultaneously. To make this easier in .NET projects, I have started up a project called “Selenium Super Driver“,  which is a drop-in replacement for an IWebDriver. Using theContinue reading “Multiple Browser Testing With Selenium SuperDriver”

Testing Browser Form Validation with Selenium WebDriver

No sensible person is using JavaScript to perform simple form validation any more. If an input element is required, you just add a required flag. If you need to validate minimum and maximum values, there are attributes for that. If you need to check a complex pattern, you can supply an attribute for that. Essentially,Continue reading “Testing Browser Form Validation with Selenium WebDriver”

Selenium Page Object Elements

If you are using Selenium WebDriver to automate your browser testing, you will almost certainly have come across a variation of the following code. In fact, in many cases you will have found this kind of thing scattered all over the place. IWebElement nameInput = driver.FindElement(By.Id(“name”)); If you are using this to grab elements allContinue reading “Selenium Page Object Elements”