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The dedicated Scrum Master role

After reading a discussion about whether having a dedicated Scrum Master is an effective way of running a team, I got to thinking about what I have experienced in the real world. This is an empirical point I’m about to make; I’ve worked with a good number of organisations, but not enough to get to […]

State of Agile 2015

This is a brief comment on the state of agile software development in 2015. We have humped! It is no longer left-field to use XP, Scrum, or even Kanban; it is the norm. The biggest challenge¬†this presents to us all is that in the mainstream we cannot possibly keep the message as consistent as it […]

Software development method adoption

There are an increasing number of articles appearing about how a software development method that has gained significant traction may be dangerous… “Scrum didn’t work for us” or “Lean Start Up nearly killed us” – or many other dramatic examples. So how did we get here? Agile was a special little niche for a while […]

No definition of done

Have you even been on a new team and before you start your first iteration, you create a definition of done? Don’t do that. The purpose of the definition of done is to capture stuff that you would otherwise have to repeat on nearly all of your story cards. You absolutely don’t know what the […]