Conditionally Apply IIS URLRewrite Rules

If you are using the IIS URLRewrite module to fix up your request URLs, you may well come across the need to conditionally apply rules. For example, the following rule redirects all “.aspx” pages in the root of the web application to an extensionless URL: In this rule, the name is preserved, but the extensionContinue reading “Conditionally Apply IIS URLRewrite Rules”

Handle Legacy .aspx Page Requests In ASP.NET MVC

If you have a public web application that you are upgrading from Web Forms to ASP.NET MVC, you may find yourself wanting to capture requests to the now obsolete .aspx addresses. By default, these requests won’t be passed to your application so you won’t be able to catch them using a route. So to getContinue reading “Handle Legacy .aspx Page Requests In ASP.NET MVC”