SQL Server Replication and Non-Clustered Indexes

If you want non-clustered indexes to be copied to your replication slaves (you probably do) you simply adjust the setting that you’ll find here… SQL -> Replication -> Local Publications -> Publication Name -> Properties -> Articles -> Article Properties -> Copy nonclustered indexes When you set this to “True”, the indexes will be copied.Continue reading “SQL Server Replication and Non-Clustered Indexes”

SQL Server Replicating Schema Changes

If you have read the documentation, you will have found that in modern versions of SQL Server you can run schema changes (with a small number of exceptions) and have them replicated out to subscribers. This applies to multiple kinds of replication, but this article is about transactional replication in particular. So armed with yourContinue reading “SQL Server Replicating Schema Changes”

Intermittent Replication Issue – Distribution Agent Failed to Create Temporary Files

This will seem like a strange issue, because everything will work perfectly well for a period of time – but then it will all go wrong and you’ll get an error such as: Error messages: The distribution agent failed to create temporary files in ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\COM’ directory. System returned errorcode 5. (Source: MSSQL_REPL,Continue reading “Intermittent Replication Issue – Distribution Agent Failed to Create Temporary Files”