Increase Productivity by Quantifying Simpler Tasks

The full title of this article should really be “Increase Productivity by Quantifying Simple Tasks; Protect Complex Task Productivity by Not Quantifying It”. This is the result of a study by Aruna Ranganathan, co-authored by Alan Benson, that studied workers in a garment factory and I’ve added my opinion because sometimes I’m a narcissist likeContinue reading “Increase Productivity by Quantifying Simpler Tasks”

Visual Studio Layout and Option Changes

Inspired by the short video by Mads Kristensen (part of a series conceived by Microsoft’s Misty Madonna)… I was inspired to update my Visual Studio layout for the first time in over ten years. What?! Ten years? Yes, for ten years I have installed Visual Studio, selected “Dark Theme”, and used it without adjustments. ThisContinue reading “Visual Studio Layout and Option Changes”

Obey My Command (Prompt)

I don’t know how this is possible, but you can be programming computers since all they were was a command prompt… and some young whipper-snapper can still surprise you with an awesome productivity trick. So here’s the story. I picked up a trick years ago whereby if you held the shift-key down and right-clicked insideContinue reading “Obey My Command (Prompt)”

The Mythical Man Month – Over-Watering

Just 16 pages into Fred Brooks’ essential reading, The Mythical Man Month, Fred gets down to business to explain that: Cost does indeed vary as the product of the number of men and the number of months. Progress does not. The classical way of thinking is that you can exchange one for the other… ifContinue reading “The Mythical Man Month – Over-Watering”

The Facts About the 10x Programmer

Disambiguation: I’m sticking closely to the term “10x programmer” here. Others have used titles such as “Rockstar Programmer“, but I think this muddies the water on the discussion as it is a poor metaphor. So what is a 10x programmer? Quite simply, this describes the result of a study of a study that showed thatContinue reading “The Facts About the 10x Programmer”