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The Productivity Offset Law

Justin Etzine had a thought about Engineer’s Lunch Law, which he described in the following terms. I have a theory. Call it: Engineer’s Lunch Law. If you get lunch at 11 instead of noon, you can enjoy an hour of uninterrupted productivity from 12-1. – Justin Etzine via Twitter Etzine’s Law There is something about […]

I have been writing C# code in Visual Studio since 2003. One of the big attractions of C# is the tooling. Visual Studio is awesome. Over the years I have worked in lots of IDEs and editors, but my go-to tools are Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. I don’t know who writes these tools, […]

Obey my command (prompt)

I don’t know how this is possible, but you can be programming computers since all they were was a command prompt… and some young whipper-snapper can still surprise you with an awesome productivity trick. So here’s the story. I picked up a trick years ago whereby if you held the shift-key down and right-clicked inside […]

Visual Studio selection tricks

I find myself in the midst of one of those rote programming jobs that feels very tedious. Despite this, I am harnessing the opportunity of busy hands, idle mind to find a few handy tricks to speed things up. CTRL + Click selects “whole words” in Visual Studio. You can drag with this short-cut to […]

Disambiguation: I’m sticking closely to the term “10x programmer” here. Others have used titles such as “Rockstar Programmer“, but I think this muddies the water on the discussion as it is a poor metaphor. So what is a 10x programmer? Quite simply, this describes the result of a study of a study that showed that […]

Visual Studio Short Cuts

This week I was lucky enough to attend Guathon 2010 in Covent Garden, London and as I found out so much amazing information, I’m chopping it into small pieces and putting it up here for those who missed out. In this article I’m going to divulge a few of the awesome Visual Studio short-cuts that […]