Useful Apache Mod Rewrite Rules

I recently migrated my website to a different platform. I anticipated that this would require some redirection rules to send people to the correct content on the new website, but I failed to anticipate that number of links to legacy files (like some jQuery plugins and their static HTML example pages). As a result, I […]

Dependency Injection In PHP

Dependency Injection solves the problem of dependencies in complex applications. Because we want to re-use our code rather than duplicate it in many places, we end up with more dependencies in our code, but Dependency Injection can ease the pain of dependencies and also make your code easier to test. One of the most popular […]

PHP Doc Comments Look Hideous

I’m currently contributing to an open source framework, written in PHP. I really want to be a good boy and do everything by the book, but I am really struggling with PHP Doc comments. The idea behind PHP Doc comments is alright. Any public API should be well documented, but when comment blocks account for […]

Supercharge Your PHP Pages

While working on the Swift Point Content Mangement System project I had the chance to delve deep into the fantastic world of PHP. One aspect of PHP we worked a lot on was optimisation. This went to low level details, such as the difference between single and double quotes, right through to making you web […]