Grinders vs Growers: Millenial Falcons Fly Free

There is an emerging theme of videos and articles aimed at millennials, telling them that they need to stay in jobs longer and learn “grit and perseverance”. This is the modern equivalent of the patronising change management book “Who Moved My Cheese”, which is handed out by lazy managers when they are performing radom actsContinue reading “Grinders vs Growers: Millenial Falcons Fly Free”

An Inverted View of Human Capacity

Human capacity is hard to understand, so we create metaphors to simplify things. When people talk about capacity, thought-bubbles emerge from the heads of some managers, revealing an interesting problem. They view capacity as a bucket into which you pour liquid-work until it is full. This metaphor for capacity leads to bad outcomes. Work isn’tContinue reading “An Inverted View of Human Capacity”