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I spent something like $50 on 99 Bottles of OOP when it came out. That could have bought me 60 Mars Bars, or even 0.005 Bitcoins! But I have been telling people to buy this book as it is an investment in their career. I’m going to share some of that value here, but to […]

Test-driven development and duplication

I have run a good number of test-driven development coding dojos (and behaviour-driven development ones), and participated in plenty of them too. The most common errors I have found can be classified as: Trying to find abstractions too early Drastic code changes under the banner of “refactoring” Both of these problems are solved by practising […]

Hide away your units

If you have an object in your code, and that object has some kind of measurement, you might well have done this: class Desk { constructor( public width: number, public depth: number, public height: number ) {} } But this will almost certainly lead to some issues… for example, you store your values as centimeters […]