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The Relative Cost of Octopus Deploy

One of the best things about Octopus Deploy is the simplicity of the pricing. These numbers were correct at the time of writing, but the exact numbers aren’t the interesting bit – it is the relative cost. Obviously, the community edition is free and covers you up to five of everything (projects, machines, users). But […]

Run Custom Database Scripts With PowerShell and Octopus Deploy

We are using model-based deployments using Visual Studio database projects and Octopus Deploy. One of the things you can’t do when performing DacPac deployments is include a pre-deployment scrip to disable replication prior to running the deployment (although you can re-enable it in a post-deployment script). The solution is to change the “disable replication” script […]

Packaging and Deploying Visual Studio Database Project With OctoPack and Octopus Deploy

The prevalent method of packaging databases for Octopus Deploy is to use update scripts, along with a tool such as DbUp or ReadyRoll to perform the upgrade and manage which scripts have been run on each environment. If you are using Visual Studio Database projects, though, you’ll be interested in how to perform a model-based […]