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Schedule Compression

When a software team gives an estimate, it is not uncommon for the estimate to be “rejected”. I wanted to explore my thoughts on this matter. When an estimate varies wildly from what you expect, want, or need; you have lots of options. But the following is not an option: “come back with a lower […]

#NoEstimates In Practice

A fader is a control you can use to vary the volume of sound, the intensity of light, or the gain on a video or audio signal. We have all seen giant sound desks in expensive studios with arrays of motorised faders controlling the mix of a recording. The important thing to remember is that […]

The NoEstimates Philosophical Divide

The key arguments on #NoEstimates reflect a split between social responsibility and corporate responsibility. They are not mutually exclusive. What I mean is, there is a philosophical difference between the two main threads of argument when #NoEstimates comes up. Let’s begin with a quick recap for anyone who hasn’t spotted the discussion. The #NoEstimates hash-tag […]

Beyond Estimates

In order to stop the flow of people who are so keen to tell me what my opinion is on the #NoEstimates debate – I have documented here my current position, which is neither entirely for nor against the use of estimates. This is my current position, as of today. I may change my mind […]

Definition of Estimates

One of the sticky points in the #NoEstimates debate is the lack of agreement over the definition of estimates. This causes logical fallacies to gush forth, flooding the thriving field of debate with its unsanitary waters. So let’s see if we can agree what estimates are, before we decide how we go beyond estimates. Dictionary […]

No Estimates Anger

What is it about “No Estimates” (or indeed, #NoEstimates) that gets people so angry? I had a great time last night at an open space discussion on this topic. Most of the room were using relative sizing, a small number used estimates – but as a group we worked out what it would take to […]

A Few No Estimates Straw Men

The great thing about a straw man is that they burn easily. With this in mind, let’s light up a few No Estimates straw men and watch the embers float into the night sky. I’m no authority on #NoEstimates – Woody Zuill and Neil Killick are really the experts. What I can bring, though, is […]

The No Estimates Debate Distraction

If you haven’t stumbled across the no-estimates debate, you probably need to get a bit more involved in the Agile community (wherein it is practically unavoidable). Neil Killick has written some quality articles on no estimates and I thoroughly recommend that you read them as there are some interesting thoughts on removing estimates, ditching velocity […]