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NCrunch system NullReferenceException with COM

If you are using NCrunch awesomeness in Visual Studio, you may come across this slight bug. It is most likely to appear if you reference a COM component in your project: (0): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Mono.Cecil.Cil.CodeReader.MoveTo(Int32 rva) at Mono.Cecil.Cil.CodeReader.ReadMethodBody() at Mono.Cecil.Cil.CodeReader.ReadMethodBody(MethodDefinition method) at Mono.Cecil.MethodDefinition.<get_Body>b__2(MethodDefinition method, MetadataReader […]

Some handy NCrunch tips

I have spent a little time today setting up NCrunch for Visual Studio. NCrunch is a handy extension that runs all your tests (unit and integration) in the background while you code and reports any failures to you as they happen. It also shows you code coverage in the margin of your actual code files. […]