Using NCover Exclusions with MSBuild

I have previously discussed adding NCover to MSBuild and also how to get trend reporting as part of the NCover MSBuild target. Let’s add to all of that by filtering the NCover results to exclude stuff that you don’t want in your coverage reports. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t exclude code unlessContinue reading “Using NCover Exclusions with MSBuild”

Using NCover with MSBuild to Get Reports and Trends

A while ago I wrote an article about how to get HTML Reports generated automatically by NCover as part of an MSBuild task. In this article, I extend the example in order to get trend reporting. In order to get trend reporting, you must specify a CoverageFile in your NCover task, and also an AppendTrendToContinue reading “Using NCover with MSBuild to Get Reports and Trends”

Adding an NCover Target to MSBuild to Get Code Coverage

This article describes how to add NCover code coverage to your MSBuild scripts in an extensible way. By using and adapting the example below, you should be able to get NCover results across your entire code base, all compiled into an excellent web-based summary. You might also be interested in generating Trend reports using MSBuildContinue reading “Adding an NCover Target to MSBuild to Get Code Coverage”