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DataDog Interactive Monitor Report

There are two competing fundamental needs for web operations… reducing false alarms, and ensuring you never miss a real incident! Here is a useful DataDog feature that you might not be using and that can help out a great deal in finding that magical balance-point between these two competing needs… interactive monitor reports. You can […]

Performance data for this service will not be available

Here is a pretty common piece of static interference you may find in your event log. It is commonly reported against the background intelligent transfer service: Application/Microsoft-Windows-Perflib The Open Procedure for service “BITS” in DLL “C:\Windows\System32\bitsperf.dll” failed. Performance data for this service will not be available. The first four bytes (DWORD) of the Data section […]

Live server CPU spikes

We are monitoring a number of live servers, which we have grouped by role. This let’s use spot outlying servers pretty easily. The below graph shows the free CPU on one group of servers, with one obvious outlier. In our case, a quick glance at the box told us this wasn’t anything particularly suspicious – […]

Bouncy Monitoring

Bouncy monitoring can sometimes be down to real events occurring in your system, but when it looks as regular as the image below – it probably isn’t! The yellow line in that image is suggesting that the free memory on a machine is chugging along like an alarmed rabbit’s heartbeat. What this actually means is […]