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Traits vs Mixins

Here is a quick disambiguation between Traits vs Mixins for programmers. Mixins are now fairly well known. You can use mixins to add shared methods to your classes without inheriting from the class they live in. It’s an increasingly popular technique for sharing and extending code. Instead of inheriting from a single parent, you can […]

TypeScript Mixins part two

I had a feeling I would be writing this article when I first penned TypeScript Mixins Part One back in 2014. For simplicity, I have used exactly the same program in this updated example, so you should find it easier to compare the simple mixins from the olden times, with the real mixins in this […]

TypeScript mixins (part one)

For the most up-to-date information on TypeScript mixins, view TypeScript Mixins Part Two! Before you start looking for Part Two, I’d like to declare that it doesn’t exist – and may never exist. The reason I’ve named this Part One is because I think that the Mixins feature in TypeScript will mature and grow and […]