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How to Measure an Agile Team

The long standing question of metrics, measurement and performance in Agile teams has people in quite a muddle. This is one of the most common themes of questioning on the forums and boards. People want to use velocity as a measure, or record detailed numbers about who did what tasks. The answer to this question […]

Stretch Targets in Agile Teams

So you have a team with a velocity of 85 points per Sprint and you decide they could do more. So you set them a stretch target of 100 points for the next Sprint. What happens next? Because you get what you measure, you might get 100 points. This is the worst possible thing that […]

You Get What You Measure

This is a phrase that should pop into your head whenever you are thinking about introducing a metric to a team. You get what you measure. It really is that simple. Most good-natured people are trying to determine whether the team is being effective or whether they are improving over time. This can seem quite […]