Individual Feedback is Better than General Feedback

We’ve all been there – that awkward conversation that you have to have with someone you work with. It isn’t enjoyable and it is hard work. Nevertheless, don’t shy away from having that one-to-one conversation with the individual, because it is the best way to get the right outcome. A common escape-route that gets usedContinue reading “Individual Feedback is Better than General Feedback”

Solve Role Confusion with Group Role Visualisation Technique

I talk to a lot of teams and role confusion is common. If you haven’t come across role confusion (lucky you) or have, but didn’t know it had a name (unlucky you), Role Confusion is where people aren’t sure where responsibility lies because there is a lack of clarity or context. You can tell whenContinue reading “Solve Role Confusion with Group Role Visualisation Technique”

The Pitch Drop Experiment Learning Metaphor

Professor John Mainstone has been spending a great deal of time watching a slowly forming droplet of pitch, in an experiment started by Professor Thomas Parnell in 1927 to study the substance. The pitch was actually given three years to settle before the study started in 1930, but in the following 83 years there wereContinue reading “The Pitch Drop Experiment Learning Metaphor”

Your Web Proxy is Killing Productivity

Are you using a web proxy to filter websites and monitor your employees Internet usage? Maybe it is time you asked yourself why you are doing that! Most people claim that a proxy stops people from accessing inappropriate websites or that it stops Internet usage from killing productivity – but I can guarantee you thatContinue reading “Your Web Proxy is Killing Productivity”