Steve Fenton


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The phrase ‘right-to-left’ is pretty well embedded in software development teams. There are some great works on Kanban and flow that discuss it in detail. Mike Burrows has a great book that is even called ‘Right to Left’. This article doesn’t replace or repeat all that good stuff, it’s just an example of right-to-left based […]

State of Agile 2015

This is a brief comment on the state of agile software development in 2015. We have humped! It is no longer left-field to use XP, Scrum, or even Kanban; it is the norm. The biggest challenge¬†this presents to us all is that in the mainstream we cannot possibly keep the message as consistent as it […]

Kanban in the kitchen

This is a brief report into how the methodologies I use in my day job as a programmer have affected the way I perform household duties. I used to do a lot of housework when I lived on my own and before I actually started writing software for a living and while performing some chores […]