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Set a minimum font size

This is just a little script I needed to use to increase text size conditionally. It only increases text below a minimum size and leaves everything else. Please also see a more recent post on CSS Clamp! (function () { var minFontSize = function () { $(“.content-zone *”).each(function () { var $this = $(this); if […]

Hide Trello columns

If you have seen the average Trello board that has evolved over any length of time, you will have noticed they can suffer a little from column explosion. Fear not. You can use this short script to get rid of the boring columns with a single click. All you need to do is adjust the […]

The novice view of jQuery

I’m not picking on jQuery in particular here. I chose it because it is no doubt the biggest and most widely used example of a JavaScript library. So when I mention jQuery here, be in no doubt that this applies to Prototype, Mootools, and any other framework that makes your JavaScript easier to write. And […]

Optimising Your jQuery

jQuery is taking the JavaScript world by storm, but because it makes life so easy, it also makes it easy to forget about the amount of work you are asking the browser to do. This is especially important if you are performing an action against multiple elements, in a loop or as part of an […]