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Eval is not Evil

We’ve all read JavaScript: The Good Parts, and there is plenty of wisdom in Douglas Crockford’s landmark work. His reminder that eval is evil has echoed through the JavaScript community and saved many people from a total mess. However, as programmers we must remain thinking individuals who question received wisdom. You must resist inappropriate use […]

The JavaScript NIFE Pattern

Most JavaScript developers are very familiar with the Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE): (function () { var x = ‘loaded’; console.log(x); }()); In this expression, we create a function that wraps all the enclosed code in its scope, and at the end we execute the function with the parentheses. If you aren’t super-careful though, you […]

Cross Domain Iframe Resizing

If you have ever integrated third party components on your website, you will have found a dazzling variety of integration methods, from JavaScript snippets, to iframes, to server-side APIs. Many of the integrations seek to inject content onto your page, but I sincerely advise against this. You don’t need to spend long reading the OWASP […]