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This is just a short note on how to use an ECMAScript Proxy to intercept methods. There are plenty of examples that intercept properties, but examples with methods seem absent currently. For demonstration purposes, we’re going to intercept a very famous method. The console log method takes any number of arguments of any type. This […]

Stop Writing Web Firmware

This has been a problem for a long time. It was a problem with jQuery, it was a problem with AngularJS, it is a problem right now with Angular, Aurelia, Vue, and React. None of these frameworks are at fault, but there is a huge industry-wide issue with people writing all of their code inside […]

Eval is not Evil

We’ve all read JavaScript: The Good Parts, and there is plenty of wisdom in Douglas Crockford’s landmark work. His reminder that eval is evil has echoed through the JavaScript community and saved many people from a total mess. However, as programmers we must remain thinking individuals who question received wisdom. You must resist inappropriate use […]