Getting Started With BDD IntelliJ

Here is a quick step-by-step example of how to get started with BDD in IntelliJ. You can also follow these examples if you are using other IDEs, but some of the automatic good stuff may not happen (like auto-downloading plugins to help you edit the feature files and prompting you to import new Mavan dependencies).Continue reading “Getting Started With BDD IntelliJ”

Convert a Certificate from JKS Format to PFX Format

I am currently hopping back and forth between the world of Java and the world of .NET and consequently I am learning a lot of little tricks that developers bridging these two worlds may find handy. Today’s trick is to convert a certificate from a Java .jks file into a .pfx file so it canContinue reading “Convert a Certificate from JKS Format to PFX Format”

Java Keytool and Keystores: Common First Timer Problems

I have used the Windows certificate store quite a lot over the years, including fixing a really gnarly issue caused by a minor change in Windows Server 2003, but I haven’t used the Java Keystore at all until recently. One thing I learned very quickly is that the error messages are utterly terrible most ofContinue reading “Java Keytool and Keystores: Common First Timer Problems”

Common is Not a Name for an Assembly

On almost every occasion where a developer is introduced to an existing code-base, they are given a tour of the application that includes am assembly or name-space called “Common”. Now, it isn’t necessarily called “Common” specifically, although more often than not it is, it can also be found under such names as “Core”, “Shared” andContinue reading “Common is Not a Name for an Assembly”