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Set Log Parser Studio log paths

Log parser studio has a handy UI for adding log file paths, but if you have a shared hosting server with loads of IIS sites, each logging to a different directory – you’ll want to automate the list of log file paths. Go and find the file named “LPSFolders.tmp”, usually found in “C:\Users\USER-NAME\AppData\Roaming\ExLPT\Log Parser Studio\”. […]

Clean Out Old IIS Log Files

IIS log files are a blessing and a curse. When you are investigating something on your server, they are great. At all other times they are just eating your disk space. What is needed is a way to bin-off the old log files to keep the disk clear. Here is a quick VBScript file that […]

Missing Changes in IIS

Have you ever made a change in IIS manager, performed an IIS reset and then discovered that your change has gone missing? If so, this article will be of use to you. I was adding a wild card mapping in IIS for an isapi dll, and performing a quick IIS reset to rush things along, […]