JavaScript Includes and Rewritten URLs

I recently answered a question on a forum about JavaScript includes in ASP.NET MVC and as the question came up again today, I thought I’d share the answer with the world. The issue that people are coming up against is that they have a script include with a relative path to their script file. BecauseContinue reading “JavaScript Includes and Rewritten URLs”

JavaScript and Noisy HTML

I was answering a question on a popular coding forum and it once again highlighted the age old problem of terribly bad JavaScript. This was the HTML code in question: <a id=”image1″ href=”#”><img src=”image.png”></a> And there was a bit of JavaScript adding an onclick event to the anchor tag. An innocent looking example. An anchorContinue reading “JavaScript and Noisy HTML”

Microsoft Expression Super Compare

Revised, July 2014. I have no idea what became of this product – I think it got rolled into a premium version of the Expression suite, but can’t find any references to it. Original article below… Microsoft have just released a really cool new tool for comparing websites in different versions of the Internet ExplorerContinue reading “Microsoft Expression Super Compare”