HTML Required Attribute Works on Select Elements

If you are using the HTML required attribute, you may need to adjust how you are writing select elements to make it work correctly. It is a very common pattern to start your HTML select element with an option that prompts the user to select from the list, for example “Please select…” or “Select yourContinue reading “HTML Required Attribute Works on Select Elements”

Background Animation with JavaScript and CSS

Creating a cool background effect on your web page is really easy and thanks to the innovation of the CSS working group, you can now create really smooth animations using JavaScript to handle events and CSS to do the heavy lifting. A few years back, you would need to get highly mathmatical to get aContinue reading “Background Animation with JavaScript and CSS”

HTML5 Article and Section Refresher

Despite being among the earliest of HTML5 elements, article and section elements still crop up in questions when I’m talking to people about HTML5. I think the reason people ask is because they imagine that these elements are more restrictive than they really are. So to help clarify how these elements work, a quick exampleContinue reading “HTML5 Article and Section Refresher”

How to Add RDFa Lite to Your Website

This is really the second half of my article on microdata, because there are two competing specifications (Microdata and RDFa Lite). I personally believe that if RDFa Lite wants to be the one true specification, they need to re-brand the specification to “RDFa Lite Microdata” – because everyone is talking about microdata and it justContinue reading “How to Add RDFa Lite to Your Website”

How to Add Microdata to Your Website

Everyone is talking about microdata these days (or indeed, RDFa Lite), but you may be wondering where to start with it. First off, microdata and RDFa Lite are competing specifications, but they work almost identically. If you want to use RDFa Lite instead of microdata you can totally do it and it even works offContinue reading “How to Add Microdata to Your Website”

Writing a Mobile App Using HTML 5

Everyone is keen on writing apps these days. For an organisation, apps are the buzz. For consumers, apps are the convenience. The only problem is that writing apps that target every operating system (and then every version of an operating system that has a wide distribution between versions) can be quite a task. This isContinue reading “Writing a Mobile App Using HTML 5”