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To Section or To Article in HTML5

A friend of mine recently pointed out that the many explanations of section and article elements in HTML5 leave a lot of questions unanswered and it makes it hard to choose the correct element that has the best semantic representation of the content. My understanding is based on a brief online conversation with the mighty […]

Dashes vs Underscores in Web Addresses

Google have confirmed that they treat dashes (-) and underscores (_) differently when they index your website in preparation of people searching for your awesome content. The difference is subtle, but important. Let’s explore it with a simple example. The example is: Your-Article-Name – or with underscores, Your_Article_Name The first example, Your-Article-Name, is treated by […]

Do I Need to Validate My HTML

I get asked this a lot. Seriously. Do I need to validate my HTML (or XHTML). The answer is 100%, categorically yes. You should validate your HTML when you write a page. You should validate it each time you change you page. Sometimes you should validate it even when you haven’t changed your page. Valid […]