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Running sequence tests in Fitnesse

Following on from this week’s blog posts on using Fitnesse in .NET and debugging Fitnesse tests, I thought I’d write up how I am using sequence tests to provide a domain-specific language to the Fitnesse test pages. Normal Fitnesse tests take a bunch of data and throw it a method you wrote – like this: […]

Debugging your Fitnesse tests

I have been using Fitnesse with FitSharp to run C# integration tests and I can happily state that it took a long time for me to find a scenario where I needed to debug a Fitnesse test. When a test fails it is abundantly clear why so you don’t need to spark up a debugger […]

Using Fitnesse for .NET

Fitnesse is a stand-alone wiki for describing and running your acceptance tests. There is a highly satisfying feeling you can only get from editing a wiki page, pressing a button and seeing if your program works as expected and although Fitnesse has roots in Java, it is an awesome tool for .NET too. Here is […]