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Budgets not Estimates

This is an early view over a process we are experimenting with in my organisation; budgets not estimates. It represents a re-ordering of components in the planning process that generates more options and reduces single-option big bets. There are lots of different terms for how people plan software, but very often it involves someone turning […]

#NoEstimates in practice

A fader is a control you can use to vary the volume of sound, the intensity of light, or the gain on a video or audio signal. We have all seen giant sound desks in expensive studios with arrays of motorised faders controlling the mix of a recording. The important thing to remember is that […]

The #NoEstimates debate distraction

The #NoEstimates debate seems unavoidable, but I’m worried that we’re all being distracted by it. Neil Killick has written some quality articles on #NoEstimates and I thoroughly recommend that you read them as there are some interesting thoughts on removing estimates, ditching velocity and delivering some actual value. “#NoEstimates is not about ditching estimates. It […]

Relative sizing technique

If you read my recent note on Estimating With Time And Relative Sizes you might be interested in this method of generating relative sizes. Firstly, some important ground rules. You want a group of people to generate a size simultaneously and you don’t want to let anyone say numbers out loud, or undermine another individuals […]