Budgets Not Estimates

This is an early view over a process we are experimenting with in my organisation; budgets not estimates. It represents a re-ordering of components in the planning process that generates more options and reduces single-option big bets. There are lots of different terms for how people plan software, but very often it involves someone turningContinue reading “Budgets Not Estimates”

Why Devs (Should) Understand Estimates

Yes, this is a sub-post! A reaction to a post titled “Why Devs (Should) Like Estimates”. I try not to get involved in industry conversations about estimation (or, indeed, #NoEstimates) as it can get very dicey at a general level in ways that simply don’t occur for a specific team or organisation. I’ll briefly qualifyContinue reading “Why Devs (Should) Understand Estimates”

Alternate Visualisation of the Cone of Uncertainty

The cone of uncertainty is a software model that provides pre-baked multipliers to convert a single-point “most likely” estimate into a range, based on the broad stage of a well-managed sequential software development project. That isn’t to say it can’t also be applied to iterative software development – depending on the details of the methodContinue reading “Alternate Visualisation of the Cone of Uncertainty”

The #NoEstimates Debate Distraction

The #NoEstimates debate seems unavoidable, but I’m worried that we’re all being distracted by it. Neil Killick has written some quality articles on #NoEstimates and I thoroughly recommend that you read them as there are some interesting thoughts on removing estimates, ditching velocity and delivering some actual value. “#NoEstimates is not about ditching estimates. ItContinue reading “The #NoEstimates Debate Distraction”

How Much do you Want to Spend on Estimates

So the Royal Baby┬« had everyone running sweepstakes on baby weight and gender and there was a ton of guessing. Weight guesses ranged from six pounds eleven ounces to eight pounds four ounces with many kinds of logic being explained about why the numbers were selected. There were some incredibly convincing statements about how theContinue reading “How Much do you Want to Spend on Estimates”

Estimating With Time and Relative Sizes

If you are estimating work, the chances are that you are on a gradual philosophical journey that starts with time-based estimates. Estimating how many hours, days, weeks and months a task will take is what I like to call “novice estimating”. Almost everyone knows how long these units of measurement are, which makes them veryContinue reading “Estimating With Time and Relative Sizes”