The Value of Experience in Programming

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It is really hard to work out the value of experience in programming. To do this effectively, you’d need to study a reasonable number of people over a reasonable time period. You’d use the data to see whether there was a demonstrable benefit to experience. This is what I did over a 12 month period. […]


The Mythical Man Month – Over-Watering

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Just 16 pages into Fred Brooks’ essential reading, The Mythical Man Month, Fred gets down to business to explain that: Cost does indeed vary as the product of the number of men and the number of months. Progress does not. The classical way of thinking is that you can exchange one for the other… if […]


Coffee vs Books

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Independent authors can rock! I own books from independent authors and although you are taking a little chance (unless you know their work or get a recommendation) it can be well worth it. But then this popped up in my social feed! The concept here is that coffee takes 1 minute to make and costs […]