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Extreme Programming practices

I created this Extreme Programming practices diagram to try and represented Kent Beck’s hand-sketched diagram as honestly as possible with a bit more structure. Hopefully this is a useful version that can help you visualise all the interactions between practices that were observed by Kent, which he wrote about in Extreme Programming Explained (definitely worth […]

Uptime checker myth busting

Whether you use Pingdom, UpDn, Datadog, or some other platform to test if your website is up and running, you will need to keep in mind some common traps that are waiting to ensnare the unsuspecting. The idea behind an uptime checker is that it will visit your site frequently and report whether it managed […]

Datadog notes

When you think about Datadog, you are very often thinking about charts. Which visualisations will bring forth insights from your metrics. What actionable information can you present on your wallboards. What you might not be thinking about is the humble subject of Datadog notes. You can add notes to your dashboard using the Edit Dashboard […]

I saw a picture that hinted that DevOps was a substitute or successor for Agile. This made me consider the question “Is DevOps a replacement for Agile?”. It had a chart that represented time from left to right, and suggested that Agile was “waterfall with shorter iterations” and that DevOps was “agile with even shorter […]