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What data is missing?

When you start collecting data at scale, you need to decide when to invest in keeping “all the datas” and when to keep only a sample. When it comes to sampling, you need to ensure that the parts you discard and the parts that you keep are a truly representative sample. That means you need […]

The UK Government provides public datasets that can be used by the media or the public. One such dataset contains information collected for the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on people living and working in the UK. The problem with this dataset, though, is that we weren’t able to record the data until after the […]

Unpeeling pie charts

For those of you still keen on using pie charts, let’s embrace those big blobs of colour and do something cool with them. We’re going to unpeel a bunch of them. So, what’s the use of unpeeling pie charts – and how do we do it? Before unpeeling Before you unpeel a pie chart, you […]

5 DbUp tips from Paul Stovell

I tuned into the Octopus Deploy and Clear Measure live stream on safe, automated, and drama-free database deployments and there was a flurry of really useful DbUp tips from Paul Stovell that I wanted to share. Use a sequential naming scheme Use a numbered naming scheme to ensure scripts are sequential on the file system. […]

Pie chart conversion

I know that I have a bit of a routine. It goes a bit like this… stumble across a pie chart, show how the information would be better handled by a simple column chart, repeat. Well this week I stumbled across the pie charts below, which answer the question “would you invest in this initial […]

Pie charts and thinking speed

We are using live monitoring of our website pages, and of our website components, to find performance problems in our application. This means we know why our web application is slow as soon as anything breaches a threshold. Very often, we find something that is draining too much CPU from our servers. Brains are a […]

Pie charts – The quick version

This pie chart example is based on an article posted yesterday on the Google Testing Blog, a very interesting article but with one mistake. No Yes Notes I have had to estimate the true values of the three items with no value label The most likely question the chart will be answering is “what are […]