Calculating Coronavirus Timings with Excel

Following on from my article on working with public coronavirus data where I calculated the original peak in the UK to have been an estimated 50,000 cases per day (not the recorded 6,000 cases per day)… the most common follow up questions (aside from predictions on what will happen next) are about timings. What isContinue reading “Calculating Coronavirus Timings with Excel”

Working With Public Coronavirus Data

The UK Government provides public datasets that can be used by the media or the public. One such dataset contains information collected for the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on people living and working in the UK. The problem with this dataset, though, is that we weren’t able to record the data until after theContinue reading “Working With Public Coronavirus Data”

Convert a SQL SELECT into an INSERT Script

Sometimes you want to generate an INSERT script from existing data, perhaps with one or two values tweaked. It’s a pain to hand-crank the INSERT when you can see exactly what you want using a SELECT statement. It’s also a bit long-winded to use SQL import/export wizards or other tools. Sometimes, you just want toContinue reading “Convert a SQL SELECT into an INSERT Script”