CSS3 Transitions and Multiple Transitions

CSS3 transitions have been with us for a little while now thanks to some browser-vendors adding custom transition support. The reason I’m shouting about it now is because it is actually pretty widely supported and it is now getting a point of maturity that means you can actually use it with reasonable confidence. Of course,Continue reading “CSS3 Transitions and Multiple Transitions”

Google Deliberately Write Awful HTML

Have you had a look at the Google Search Page recently? Probably! What you might not have noticed is that (at the time of writing) Google have stuffed their home page full of what most web developers would call “awful HTML”. Here are some examples, although you can “view source” on Google to see theContinue reading “Google Deliberately Write Awful HTML”

Microsoft Expression Super Compare

Revised, July 2014. I have no idea what became of this product – I think it got rolled into a premium version of the Expression suite, but can’t find any references to it. Original article below… Microsoft have just released a really cool new tool for comparing websites in different versions of the Internet ExplorerContinue reading “Microsoft Expression Super Compare”