Make The RESTClient Body Input Bigger

RESTClient is a useful Firefox extension for sending HTTP REST messages to a service. As well as a useful and simple interface for sending requests, it also lets you store requests to re-use again later. If you are writing REST services, it is a useful tool to have lying around. The only problem I haveContinue reading “Make The RESTClient Body Input Bigger”

Generating PDF Files From Web Pages With Paged Media

Having recently starting adding CSS Paged Media to web pages, and generating dynamic headers from page content – I had a need to push the results of this to PDF. The use-case was two-fold, one was to generate a whole batch of PDFs to “print later” and the other was for sending the content forContinue reading “Generating PDF Files From Web Pages With Paged Media”

Using CSS Paged Media to Add Dynamic Headers

In my previous introduction to the CSS Paged Media Module, I briefly talked about adding page numbers to your footers. I’m going to nudge that concept on a little further by showing you how to grab content from the HTML page and inject it into the header. This is a top trick for the followingContinue reading “Using CSS Paged Media to Add Dynamic Headers”

Printing Web Pages With The Paged Media Module

One of the first questions I answered on a JavaScript forum when I first start programming was about printing web pages. The stock answer for a long time has been “you can’t do” whatever it was you wanted to do. Whether it was having some control over page breaks or customising headers and footers orContinue reading “Printing Web Pages With The Paged Media Module”

Background Animation with JavaScript and CSS

Creating a cool background effect on your web page is really easy and thanks to the innovation of the CSS working group, you can now create really smooth animations using JavaScript to handle events and CSS to do the heavy lifting. A few years back, you would need to get highly mathmatical to get aContinue reading “Background Animation with JavaScript and CSS”