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Z Index and the Stacking Context

If you are using CSS z-index to stack elements on a web page, you will probably have come across what looks like very strange behaviour. You have an element with a z-index of 2, but it is on top of an element that has a much higher z-index, for example 100. Normally, you would expect […]

How To Include Images In Your CSS

When I created Cruiser, a CruiseControl.NET Wall-board I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to use. I didn’t want to force people to download a zip archive and extract files into specific locations. I wanted people to be able to drop a single file onto their build server and get instant […]

Google Deliberately Write Awful HTML

Have you had a look at the Google Search Page recently? Probably! What you might not have noticed is that (at the time of writing) Google have stuffed their home page full of what most web developers would call “awful HTML”. Here are some examples, although you can “view source” on Google to see the […]

Show Links When Printing a Web Page

Despite all of the technological advances of the past 100 years, people still print web pages for many reasons. They might need to take some information into a meeting, find it easier to work off of printed instructions or even just want to frame an excellent blog article that has inspired them and put it […]

CSS3 Gradients and Corners

CSS3 is going to bring some awesome new stuff that will combine excellently with HTML5 to give us an absolutely smashing Internet experience. Thing is, it isn’t here quite yet. Despite this, I just can’t wait for all the new features that HTML5 and CSS3 are going to bring. That’s why I converted this website […]

Using CSS Selectors

It has been said about CSS that you can learn it in a day, but it takes years to master. Actually, it isn’t that hard to master if you have the right information to hand. Today I’m just going to dump a load of information on CSS selectors, which is the most common CSS question […]

Microsoft Expression Super Compare

Revised, July 2014. I have no idea what became of this product – I think it got rolled into a premium version of the Expression suite, but can’t find any references to it. Original article below… Microsoft have just released a really cool new tool for comparing websites in different versions of the Internet Explorer […]