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The CSS Sibling Selector

There is often a bit of confusion surrounding the CSS sibling selector, or ~ as it is known to its friends. Here is how it works. div ~ p { color: red; } This CSS translated into English says: If there are is a paragraph next to another paragraph inside a division, make the text […]

Website Go Faster Stripes

My early spring-clean has been going on for a while. I have been gradually deleting things to make the site go faster. As usual, if you don’t keep a close watch on things they start to bloat. My site had reached a whopping 400kb for an empty-cache first-load and spanned far too many network requests […]

Goodbye Old Browsers

I am officially ditching the HTML5 shim for old browsers and here is why. I have dropped all stats from my website, so I won’t be able to tell when my “Internet Explorer 6” user base reaches zero. However, last time I checked it was just 0.05500982318% of you. This is less than 100 people […]