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Performance is a feature

The phrase “performance is a feature” is not new. If you get it, leave now and go read something new. I am certain nothing I’m about to type is novel. So here is the thing. Cranked was hugely influenced by XP, it had major differences too – but one of the biggest headlines was Kent […]

Cranked retrospectives

There was a glorious moment in 2014 where I worked on a team that really started pushing the boundaries of agile and lean software development. We wrote about it in a book titled Cranked: a lean and agile software development method. The team achieved this by throwing out the worn-out retrospective routine that is so […]

Reduce roles and reduce handovers

Archived from the Cranked Alliance website In Cranked we have just two roles, Business and Technical. Compared to some other software development methods, this is a very small number. So why are there so few roles? There are two main reasons for this number. Roles are Handoffs If work is passed from role to role […]

Evolution of roles

Archived from the Cranked Alliance website. When we documented Cranked, we included just two roles: Business Technical That’s it. Just the two. This isn’t actually very controversial; it is simply the next step in an evolution of roles – as shown in the diagram in this article (you can click through to a larger version). […]

Archived from the Cranked Alliance website. If you have read our book on Cranked and want to read further on the specific topics, the following map shows a recommend set of books that offer great insight into the fundamental aspects of Cranked. The reading list works from the centre outwards, and you can work out […]

Article archived here from the Cranked Alliance website. Welcome to Cranked – a framework with an example implementation; a sequence of stages, activities and practices that draws inspiration from many lean and agile sources. Craftsmanship Reduce Waste Agile No Estimates Kanban Extreme Programming Drip Funding / Deploy Continuously The Cranked framework seeks to dramatically reduce […]