Adjusting Your NDepend Rules with CQLinq

Having picked up the basics of the new CQLinq definitions in NDepend 4, I decided to start customising some rules to wipe out some false positives being reported in the code base. I think this will be a common scenario, so I’m going to share the exact change, but you’ll find this useful if youContinue reading “Adjusting Your NDepend Rules with CQLinq”

Using NDepend to Get a Grasp of Your Code

Whenever I land in a new team and get given a big chunk of source code to familiarise myself with, I like to crack open NDepend and run a full report. In particular, a quick browse through the Dependency Graph and a brief glance at the Abstractness Verses Instability Graph can tell you a lotContinue reading “Using NDepend to Get a Grasp of Your Code”