The Microservices vs Conway Test

Following on from my article on Mescoservices back in 2015, this article expands on an idea I had in September on how monoliths, mescoservices, and microservices fit into organisation design. The microservices vs Conway test encodes a common piece of advice into a first-draft formula for testing your architecture against your organisation. Microservice Advice MicroservicesContinue reading “The Microservices vs Conway Test”

Testing the In-Progress Chess Game

Last October, I was asked why releases of a legacy system were so hit and miss. There were a couple of reasons for the flaky releases, which I have summarised below. When you judge the quality of the metaphors, please bear in mind that these were invented off-the-cuff. Configuration The first reason releases were unreliableContinue reading “Testing the In-Progress Chess Game”