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Find code hotspots with NDepend

One of the constant battles in software development is predicting where problems are in your code. There are lots of ways to cut up your codebase in order to predict where problems are likely to occur; I have been experimenting with some reports over check-in history in Visual Studio Team Services to find files with […]

NDepend Contextual Help

I’ve talked a couple of times about NDepend recently, in the article NDepend For Beginners. NDpend is jammed full of code analysis tools, but sometimes you need a bit of a hint to tell you what is going on in the various matrix displays and graphs – well now NDepend is getting some improvements to […]

NDepend for Beginners

NDepend is a code-quality tool that integrates with Visual Studio (2008 and 2010… and probably older versions too if you happen work in a museum). Within about 10 minutes of installing NDepend, I had already created a really handy component diagram that pointed out that one of my name-spaces was wrong. I haven’t even properly […]