Minification Failed. Returning Unminified Contents.

Has you ASP.NET applicaiton reported that minification failed? If you are using bundles in application, you might come across this exception comment at the top of your larger-than-expected bundle file. /* Minification failed. Returning unminified contents. (List of problems here) */ It can happen for JavaScript or CSS, but it means minifier has found somethingContinue reading “Minification Failed. Returning Unminified Contents.”

Bundling is the new Parrot Word

TypeScript has immediate and first class support for two mechanisms of code delivery. You can merge the whole application into a single output file, or you can take advantage of modules and load them asynchronously on demand. Folklore in the web industry has firmly imprinted the idea that “bundling is best” and it wouldn’t surpriseContinue reading “Bundling is the new Parrot Word”