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TypeSpec compared to SpecFlow

Updated: It is no longer mandatory to enclose parameters with quotes – which makes things even more similar between C#/SpecFlow and TypeScript/TypeSpec. On with the original article… Updated: TypeScript’s decorator feature makes things even more similar! This isn’t a “framework a” vs “framework b” post. When performing BDD, if you are using C#, you’ll be […]

Custom output from TypeSpec

In TypeSpec, events are raised during a test run that can be intercepted by a test reporter. TypeSpec has a built-in test reporter that logs a whole bunch of information to the console. It also has a test reporter for TAP output. When these options don’t offer what you need, you can write your own […]

Getting TAP output from TypeSpec

If you want to get your TypeSpec test output in TAP (Test Anything Protocol) format, there is a built-in test reporter that will do this for you. Just pass in the TapReporter to the auto runner: import {AutoRunner, TapReporter} from ‘./Scripts/TypeSpec/TypeSpec’; AutoRunner.testReporter = new TapReporter(); You’ll now get TAP compliant output that can easily be […]

Introducing TypeSpec

Having completed the MVP roadmap, TypeSpec is now available to use. TypeSpec is a BDD framework for TypeScript designed to work with separate specifications written in the Given-When-Then style. It works in the browser (real or ghost), and on Node. You can grab it from NuGet: PM> Install-Package TypeSpec You can grap it from NPM: […]

Getting started with BDD IntelliJ

Here is a quick step-by-step example of how to get started with BDD in IntelliJ. You can also follow these examples if you are using other IDEs, but some of the automatic good stuff may not happen (like auto-downloading plugins to help you edit the feature files and prompting you to import new Mavan dependencies). […]