TypeScript AMD Dependency Comment

This TypeScript feature doesn’t have much official text surrounding it, but it does (currently) work (and to be honest is so useful it would be a shame if were to be removed). Basarat illustrates the problem when he describes this feature… “This feature is badly documented, but oh-so-useful!” – Basarat Ali Syed So what isContinue reading “TypeScript AMD Dependency Comment”

Combining TypeScript Jasmine and AMD with RequireJS

So TypeScript, Jasmine and RequireJS walk into a bar and the barman says “No specs found”. This isn’t funny. Especially when you are trying to get your tests running! So here is how you get Jasmine 2.x working alongside your TypeScript external modules that you are loading using the AMD pattern, probably using RequireJS. TheContinue reading “Combining TypeScript Jasmine and AMD with RequireJS”