Analytics Browsers

The Best Browser Extensions for Analytics and Tag Debugging

Recently, I wrote about debugging Adobe Analytics, which uses the most widely-available tools that we all have; browser developer tools. It is possible to debug and test a whole host of analytics and tag manager scenarios using the Console and Network tabs of browsers tools if you are willing to scry the query parameters of […]


How to Decouple Adobe Analytics From Your Website

Websites change. Often. If your analytics depend too much on the exact implementation details of your website your world will be full of hurt when you change it later on. This is why I prefer to use custom events to decouple Adobe Analytics from the website it is tracking. Here’s an example. You could set […]

Analytics Programming

Debugging Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics can sometimes be a bit of an enigma, so people often turn to browser extensions to help them with debugging Adobe Analytics. However, for those of us who spend most of our lives in browser tools; there’s a simple way to get x-ray vision into what Analytics is thinking. Let’s get straight down […]