Steve Fenton

The Humans are Dead

The Humans Are DeadWhen an organisation sets out on the long and treacherous journey of adopting software test automation, it seems inevitable that they are doomed to repeat the mistakes that countless others have already made. It is hard to avoid the problems that congregate around this situation when adopting such a major new way of working, because it is unlikely that you already have the appropriate skills to hand. This problem is made worse by the myriad myths and legends of automation.

“Steve Fenton has great experience, a keen mind, and refreshing sense of humor. We need more testing books like this. What an amazing resource.” – David West

The facts of software test automation must be carefully separated from all these myths in order for adoption to be successful. I hope that this collection of short essays will assist the people who are interested in undertaking this daring endeavour. If this is you, I wish you the best of luck and hope to arm you with some much needed perspective on this great subject.

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